LoopMorph technology takes drum loops and creates individual slices, then automatically splits each element of the drum kit - hi hat, bass drum, snare, etc. - into individual tracks within each slice. This provides the user with control over the individual elements of the drum loop by splitting and combining and rearranging the elements, sounds and patterns of different loops.

Miracle Drumlooper is a sample VSTi and CD combination based on LoopMorph technology.

The Miracle Beats VSTi can rearrange, split, morph and turn the 500 included loops into an infinite number of possibilities within any VST host application.

Here are some key features of "Miracle Beats":

· LoopMorph technology.

· Autostretch loops to any BPM.

· Preview loops in perfect sync with the host software.

· Sampler mode: more than 5000 individual, ready to use samples from 500+ full drum loops.

· 4 stereo outputs: bass drum, snare, hi hat and percussion, automatically separated.

· Switch an entire loop pattern in real time with one keystroke.

· Instantly change the style and groove of a loop while keeping its sounds.

· Change tempo without altering pitch.

· Real time pitch control, envelope and reverse on every drum element.

· Exclusive "RMS Level" features to match the dynamic level of one loop with another.

· 4 stereo limiters.

· Real time shuffle control.

· Humanize function reproduces natural feel.

· Sampler mode: map similar drum elements on the same keys.

· Optional quantization of loops.

· Sample accurate sync to host.

· Export loops as WAVs (Auto naming option).