Mirror is an innovative backup utility allowing you to keep exact backups of important project folders, documents and more. Create mirrors of important folders and always have a mirrored copy located safely at another location.

You know how important it is to keep backups of important data.

With Mirror's unique approach to the way you backup your software, you'll always be able to quickly and easily maintain mirrored copies of important folders and files.

Select different ways in which your data backups should be handled. Choose between manual or automatic backup modes. In automatic mode you can specify the interval or time of day to perform the backup. For example:

Also name your backups appropriately either by name or a time stamp

Here are some key features of "Mirror":

■ Keep track of your data as it changes over time by browsing its history of reflections.

■ Restore your data back to the way it was at a previous point in time.

■ Tired of waiting to restore a backup copy of your data?

■ With Mirror 2005 you can browse, select and restore only the files you need, providing fast real-time access to your backups.

■ Archive reflections of your data with ZIP compression to save space on your storage device.

■ When using WindowsXP, write and restore reflections from/to CD.


■ 14-try fully functional trial

What's New in This Release:

■ bug fix to the 'Continual Sync