Mix-FX is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help you create Flash animations, such as Flash button, banner, intro, and text effect. The utility is developed specifically for users who do not know to work with complex Flash animation programs.

The tool embeds all configuration settings into a single panel. There’s no support for a help manual but the dedicated parameters look intuitive so you can venture into tweaking them on your own.

On the downside, you are not allowed to resize the main panel so you need to work with a preset window dimension where the text, effects and movie settings are not clearly visible in the GUI due to their small representation.

You are given the freedom to embed user-defined text in Flash animations and adjust the text font. There are several text effects that you can choose from, such as ‘Random Box,’ ‘Triple Mirror,’ ‘Digital,’ ‘Shake,’ ‘Balanced Shake,’ ‘Mirror,’ ‘Fade In,’ and ‘Splash.’

Effects can be customized in terms of size, rotation and color. Plus, you can add various background effects, like ‘Alarm,’ ‘Curtain,’ ‘Traffic,’ ‘Barcode,’ ‘Puzzle,’ ‘Disc,’ and ‘Party.’ The background effects can be tweaked by specifying the size, rotation and color.

Other important settings worth being mentioned enable you to add a custom color to the background of the Flash animation and set the preferred size.

Mix-FX gives you the possibility to export the animations to SWF or HTML file format, test them in your player or web browser, as well as adjust the FPS.

All in all, Mix-FX can be used for quick Flash animation creations when you do not have the time to go through complex configuration settings and possess Flash programming skills. It’s comes packed with lots of effects for defining your animations, and it’s simple enough to be mastered by all types of users, regardless of their experience level.