Mixtikl is an advanced audio loop mixer that helps you manipulate up to 12 tracks, each track with 4 content cells. Plus, you are allowed to mute or solo the tracks, change their volume and pan, as well as apply FX effects. Content cells can be played in sequence or loop mode, only once when they are triggered, or when they are tapped.

The utility provides a clean feature lineup. However, you still need to invest some extra time and effort in order to understand the function of each audio parameter.

There’s support for an online help manual that you can have a look at in case you want to make the most out of the utility’s features.

Mixtikl gives you the possibility to alter the volume and pan, mute or solo tracks, play and stop the current audio selection, record the audios streams so you can save the mix to a file, as well as change the tempo of the mix, modify the mix root, and set up mix generative rules.

What’s more, you can enable the microphone during the recording, launch an EQ, select an FX and apply it to the whole mix, and store the solo/mute settings for all the tracks. Plus, you can mix both WAV and OGG audio loops and generative music, as well as tweet your custom mixes with words.

A built-in visualizer enables you to tap certain parts in order to create different sounds and generate multi-layer effects. You can also customize the parts in many different ways, such as altering the sound, FX, generative rules, pitch, and harmonization.

Onscreen text can be displayed using different modes, such as a message in a karaoke style, random order, words are revealed one at a time, random words with floating text and mixed-up messages. The application lets you make use of several preset mixes and store your favorite ones, and create random new mixes.

All in all, Mixtikl integrates a bunch of handy tools under its hood for helping you create generative music and produce interesting mixes.