When dealing with hundreds of digital pictures or any other type of file it's not uncommon to accidentally delete some documents and not be able to get them back using conventional methods. Fortunately, there are lots of recovery tools out there that can work miracles for you.

This is the case of mmCARD Recovery, a pretty small but effective application that helps retrieve data you unintentionally deleted. Of course, it can't guarantee that everything will be fully restored, but during our test the results were quite surprising.

To give you an idea on how well the application performs, it managed to recover photos deleted about one year ago, although the USB flash drive they were stored on was formatted several times since then.

The interface is minimal and clean and you shouldn't really have problems when trying to get back the lost content. The best thing is that mmCARD Recovery works pretty fast if you choose the 'Quick Scan' method. Instead, the 'Full Scan' is very thorough and will go to great lengths and retrieve much more items than the previous method.

Besides the data recovering function, the application also comes with a wiping feature you can use to permanently delete data. Be cautious though because after using this tool you won't be able to recover the deleted data anymore, not even with mmCARD Recovery.

The bottom line is fairly simple: if you need a data recovery software program, mmCARD Recovery is definitely one of the options to be considered.