There is no doubt that the Internet is a wonderful thing, providing access to a plethora of information and convenient ways to communicate with others, regardless of location. However, it also has its dark side. For instance, children might be exposed to content that is inappropriate for their age, so parents try to find ways to protect them while they learn safe browsing. A parental control application usually does the trick, and Mobicip is one example.

The purpose of Mobicip is to prevent children from reaching webpages that might display improper images and text, thus keeping them safe. It can protect the child's user account without affecting other computer users by imposing access restrictions for websites that are known to reveal unsafe or unsuitable content.

Setting up the application does not take long, but a computer restart might be required for the changes to take effect. You will notice afterward that Mobicip runs in the system tray at all times, providing on-going protection and monitoring.

To configure Mobicip, you must access its settings, which cannot be achieved without an account. If you don't already have one, then you have to take the time and create one online. The basic one comes at no cost but delivers a limited feature set, where filters are pre-defined and the Internet usage time cannot be limited.

Once you log in with your credentials, Mobicip displays a list of all the computer users, each with its own privileges. You must select the account that is associated with your child before moving on.

Mobicip comes with pre-defined profiles for a parental control application in the basic edition, while the premium one enables you to customize the filtering options and manage all the monitored devices online. In other words, there is nothing to configure or choose from in the basic edition. However, you can disable web filtering or set the current account as being a child user.

One of the best things about Mobicip is that it requires minimum effort on the parent's part. Once configured, the child should not be able to access content that is not suited for his or her age, no matter the web browser they are using. While the basic edition only comes with a limited feature set, the premium one is bound to fulfill the needs and requirements of most parents when it comes to parental control software.

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