Mobile DTV Viewer for ATSC is an advanced application that was designed to help users watch TV programs by providing them with a multiplex virtual environment. By using this program, users can watch up to three TV shows at the same time, thus offering them various possibilities regarding flexibility.

Its intuitive interface makes it possible for users to access its functions without considerable efforts and its straightforward controls add to its simplicity and overall efficiency even more. By turning to this utility, users are capable of watching a TV program while other two are running in the background.

The programs are broadcasted via ATSC, but the application also features support for ATSC-M/H. However, it does not require any particular ATSC-M/H receiver. Mobile DTV Viewer for ATSC provides users with an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) display for ATSC broadcasts and an Electronic Service Guide (ESG) one for ATSC-M/H shows.

Additionally, it can handle closed captions for Digital TV and Mobile DTV programs (both tuner types), encompasses support for Mobile Emergency Alert System (M-EAS) and can perform channel scans.

The M-EAS component can help users receive detailed instructions along with additional information, such as video clips, websites or image files. Additionally, a history of alerts, updates and received content is available. Accessing encrypted TV programs is currently not supported by this app.