Mobile DTV Viewer for ISDB is a simple to use application that allows you to view digital TV or Mobile DTV programs from your desktop, with the help of specific receivers.

This particular tool is optimized for receiving streams broadcast by ISDB-T, ISDB-Tb and 1seg networks.

The program permits simultaneous playback of up to three different ISDB-T or 1seg programs, in separate windows.

The program requires a specific device, with broadcast driver architecture, that can receive ISDB-T or 1seg digital channels. The application uses the legacy ISDB-T receiver, allowing you to watch digital TV and Mobile DTV at the same time.

ISDB-T and 1seg are Japanese standards for digital television and radio, used by various broadcasting networks in many countries.

The technology implies the usage of several HD video and audio codecs, plus high quality frequency bands.

Mobile DTV Viewer for ISDB supports various character sets, for the display of Japanese channel names, as well as other special symbols.

It allows you to watch up to three programs at the same time, from different channels, each displayed in a separate window.

However, the application does not offer support for encrypted Digital TV or Mobile DTV programs.

1seg TV programs can easily be accessed and viewed, even without having a special 1seg RF receiver. Instead, the legacy ISDB-T receiver allows you to watch various 1seg TV channels.

Mobile DTV Viewer for ISDB can scan the networks, in order to offer you a multitude of channels and Electronic Program Guides for Digital TV and Mobile DTV programs.

The application comes with a comprehensive controller component which allows you to scan for the supported Digital TV or Mobile DTV programs.

Each channel you wish to view is opened in a separate video window. The controller component also offers tools for activity logging and program recording.