MobileCaller is a lightweight application that aims to increase the profits of the businesses that sell mobile phone starter packages. The program is designed to activate the service by calling the associated mobile number.

Starter packs are used by mobile operators to provide prepaid service to their clients. Usually, these packs are not sold directly by the operator but through various business partners that receive a commision as the services are activated.

However, since not not all customers activate the service immediately, the payment to the retailer can be delayed significantly. This tool allows you to make sure that the sold packs are activated in order to reduce the time interval required for receiving the money.

MobileCaller uses the modem from your mobile phone in order to call a list of numbers that you want to check or activate. In order to use the program you only need to connect a compatible phone via USB and specify the numbers.

You can enter the phone numbers manually but the program offers the option to import larger lists from text files. This feature comes in handy when you sell packages from more than one outlet.

If you sell more than one type of pack you can organize them into different categories by creating groups. Each group can be called separately and enables you to set a different SMS number or notification type.

Although the program has a simple interface, it does not include an English documentation for the users who need help while configuring the modem and calling parameters. However, MobileCaller is still under development so improvements are likely to be added in the future.