MoBu for Windows 8, 8.1, 10 is compatible with both PCs and mobile devices and provides a professional method to record and keep track of completed payments, incomes, and daily expenses.

The setup is finished through the Store, doesn't take too much space, nor required other components to be installed. The interface is modern and accessible to everyone. It's divided into distinct sections, my assets on the left, the monthly budget on the right, while at the bottom you can view the available and saved money, along with the spent budget.

From the start, you are asked to create your account, as you won't be able to access the features, by providing a username, and optional, a password. Once done, a wizard guides you through a few steps, which help you set up all the necessary elements, like income, payments, or credit cards.

The first stage is to fill in a few information about your assets, such as the label, type (e.g. cash, share, personal belonging, stock), category, currency, account number, along with the open date, interest rate, and initial balance.

Following is the expenditure budget (water, rent, Internet, electricity), periodic transactions, which come with date, payee, value, as well as savings asset, and the overview of all the above-entered details.

Once in the main panel, you can add and manage other similar records, and edit the existing ones. Each function comes with a unique color to easily recognize them. Plus, you are able to view and generate different reports, such as spent bud, assets distribution, payee repartitions, and more.

The currency can be changed at any given time from the tabs located in the upper right corner, as well as export the database to XLS and MoBu file formats. No other additional settings can be configured, so make sure you remember your password, as you can't change it.

To sum it up, MoBu is a reliable and professional-looking application created to offer a simple and smart way to easily add and manage your incomes, savings budgets, expenses, and transactions.