Flashcards have since long been a very efficient way of learning new things, as the active recall they provide has been proven to create stronger neuron connections and facilitate repetition. In short, flashcards are considered one of the best ways of creating multiple-memory enhancing recall events.

Nowadays, we tend to rely more and more on our smartphones and desktop apps to learn new things, but the whole concept of flashcards and space repetition is still very much viable. This brings us to Mochi, a simple and well-made application that’s designed to act as both a flashcard creator and a note-taking tool. It provides users with a nifty system for reviewing these flashcards, and it uses Markdown to provide effortless text editing.

Mochi allows users to add notes and flashcards and to edit them with Markdown. It’s worth noting that cards can have an unlimited number of “sides.” Furthermore, all sorts of media files can be inserted into both the notes and the cards making it a very versatile app.

In order to ensure that users remember what they are trying to learn, each time they review a card, and actually recall what it says, the number of days before it will be brought up again doubles. Conversely, if users do not remember a flashcard properly, the interval is halved. This way, the app ensure that users go through all the tricky subjects, and, ultimately, enhance the learning process.

One of the main advantages of this unique, Electron-based app is represented by its straightforward and clean GUI. There are no distracting elements, just simple menus that facilitate easy access to all its features.

Another plus is the fact that the app comes with a Dark Mode, making the app more suitable for work in poorly lit environments.

To conclude, Mochi is a simple yet very efficient tool that, if used well, should help users improve their learning process by a lot.