MockupBuilder is a full-featured prototyping software solution that aims to close the communication gap between providers, manufacturers or designers and their clients by allowing both sides to crosscheck requirements and make sure that their ideas are well understood.

The application comes in handy to software developers and web designers, helping them offer their clients a preview of the project before the final product is ready and review changes that need to be made.

With its stylish look, the main interface offers fast access to all the tools, helping you create a new mockup in no time. The variate and rich library includes all sorts of objects, from buttons, check boxes and geometric shapes to multimedia content boxes and real-time graphs. You can also insert data grids, labels, site maps and tree views, browser windows, toolbars and navigation options, schedules, charts, video players and webcam stream symbols.

MockupBuilder adapted to the newest available technologies, providing the tools necessary for creating mockups for mobile platforms, as well as Metro apps for Windows 8. As such, it comes with predefined drawings of the Metro screen toolbar, tiles and list boxes, as well as tablet and phone layouts, offering you the possibility to include multiple types of buttons, keyboards, scroll bars, search boxes and various other items in your sketch.

Items can be easily grouped together, locked, duplicated, deleted, all with the push of a button. You can customize the drawing board by disabling or enabling the grid display, changing the used font and adjusting the zoom level.

The 'Presentation mode' is especially designed for situations when you must explain the prototype to your customer or other team members.

A prototype can reflect a vision and helps you explain the product functionality to your partners, team members and customers, while reducing building costs and the time allocated to the negotiation stage. MockupBuilder is intended to help you achieve this, while providing a pleasant and user-friendly working environment.