If you want to stream video from your PC to a Chromecast device or a Smart TV, VideoChrome is a smart tool that can give you a helping hand.

The interface is straightforward and lightweight as the player requires no extra functions or basic player construction, due to its definitive role of streaming to external devices.

In order to make it function you first need to establish a connection with a Wi-Fi device. After that, proceed to import video files or more. If you are loading multiple files at once, a playlist will be created, and the app will run them in order of import.

The app supports three main video formats. You can stream MKV, MP4 and AVI files only., The formats base could be a lot bigger, but due to it's targeted devices, but this decision could have been taken with the TVs resolutions in mind.

Video Chrome goes well with the H.264 video codec and AAC audio coding. So before you start using it, make sure you have these codecs.

In conclusion, Video Chrome is a neat application that lets you stream videos from multiple sources directly to a Smart TV or a Chromecast device. It's simple allows any user to operate it regardless the technical skills