If you’re a web, graphics or app designer, then you already know what lorem ipsum is. If not, well, one could describe it best as a gibberish Latin placeholder text which designers use to replace actual content in their designs (because, usually, the content hasn’t been created yet).

Of course, no one actually writes lorem ipsum, as there are already tools that can generate this mock content. Many of them are freely available across the internet, but there’s also an app called Modern Ipsum.

As soon as you open Modern Ipsum, you’ll know what to do. First, you should select between generating words, sentences or paragraphs full of lorem ipsum. Then, simply tell the program exactly how many words, sentences or paragraphs it should create.

You can write any number, but know that the app may get sluggish if you make it generate thousands of paragraphs. It’s probably wondering why in the world would someone need so much lorem ipsum. Anyway, you don’t even have to go through the effort of copying all that mock text yourself, as the program has a handy Copy Text button, right next to the Generate button.

Maybe browsing for an online lorem ipsum generator isn’t a major inconvenience to many people, but Modern Ipsum has the advantage of working offline. Thus you can use it to work on your design projects even when you don’t have online access or when you just want to disconnect from the distractions of the Internet.

While it may not be entirely free, its cost is almost insignificant compared to many other design tools. Sure, online generators cost nothing at all, but Modern Ipsum may be easier to customize, and you can use it whenever you want.