Accurately keeping track of expenses and living costs is an essential aspect of life for most people. This can help ensure money is well-spent and superfluous costs are kept to a minimum. Digital tools of varying complexities are being employed to assist users with these tasks and Money – Expenditure is one such utility.

The program creates a database with all the financial data inserted by users. It should be noted that the application requires a browser to operate (but not an Internet connection). This is required to load and edit the database.

A somewhat complicated launching process is also required that involves: 1. launching 'Expenditure.exe'; 2. accessing '' from any browser and 3. logging in with users' account. The password protection, as well as the database architecture are great features, ensuring information is well-kept and securely stored away from public eyes.

As with most recorders, the program needs input from users. One can insert initial financial information (i.e. the money available in pockets, as required by the program), but also debit or credit bank transactions and multiple expenditure entries.

Transfers between two pockets can be recorded and all entries are timestamped (users can define their own date, or use the current time). The 'Home' page can then be loaded to view the balance sheet. The program automatically computes the available cash, bank transactions and total expenses, based on the input parameters.

Summing up, Money – Expenditure is a simple, but highly practical tool for keeping track of personal finances.