Most of us suffer from minor or major health problems that with the correct reinstatement can be cured or at least kept under control. Hight blood pressure not cared the proper way can lead to heart failures and diseases, or strokes. Recording the values may help the doctor understand your situation, and prescribe medications accordingly.

Monitor My BP for Windows 8 is a straightforward and practical application that can store systolic, diastolic, and pulse readings, and sort them by date and value, and export them to CSV files.

The installation is done through the Store, meaning it doesn't take much space like other apps, nor generates entries in the registry. Sadly, the utility doesn't automatically sync with your account to easily restore your data, however, it can be saved to the computer.

It's wrapped in a simple and clean interface, accessible to everyone, even to those less experienced. To start, just click on the New button, and input the displayed values from your device, select the date and hour, along with the day period (after breakfast, dinner, lunch), and hit Start. Additional notes can be written. The tool lets you view the entered records in the second panel, and sort them based on the values and date.

The diary adopts a simple and basic look, providing a small editor, date and time. Using the journal, you are able to write and keep track of each feeling and symptom. The last tab, lets you edit the predefined categories, by altering their name, picture (JPG, JPEG, PNG), and entering additional notes. If you only use specific ones, the other can be disabled.

The bottom line is that Monitor My BP is a reliable and useful program created to help those with blood pressure problems record and keep track of each measurement, and write journal entries about their general health state.