Browsing the web for new musical experiences is something we all do, but naturally, the outcome varies by each and everyone's skill to narrow down the Internet's resources.

Moodflow for Windows 10 is an application that has this very merit, namely its ability to provide you with a tailor-made compilation of tracks that revolve around your current mood.

Before anything else, it is worth mentioning that Moodflow is a neat program sporting a clean interface that should not force you to ask too many questions as far as its usage is concerned.

The middle section of the main window groups all the song collections you can indulge in. Your options are quite varied and range from “Concentrated,” “Romantic” and “Melancholy” to “Angry,” “Energy,” and “Crazy,” totaling to an honorable 16-choice offer. All you need to do is click on the category best describing your mood, which automatically plays a song and subtly adjusts the GUI's colors.

You can take a look at the track's title, artist, and length at the top of the main window. This is also where you need to go if you want to pause a song or simply skip to a segment you are into. Besides, you can easily get to the previous or next track using the dedicated buttons.

Note that the application is built upon SoundCloud's capabilities, so whenever you click on a song you like, you are redirected to the audio platform's website, where you can add it to your personal collection if you have an account.

And now for the goodies brought about by this program. Moodflow enables you to add tags to songs so that you and other listeners have an easier time spotting the right sounds for your ears. What's more, it allows you to add tracks to favorites because you never know when you want to get back to them.

Plus, the program displays a list of your recently played songs so that you can easily map your listening experience.

Nevertheless, we must note that Moodflow is a universal app, meaning that, besides PCs, it can be installed on other devices too. What is peculiar, though, is that the program does not allow you to create a user account, which would have guaranteed that your playlists are easily transerable.

All in all, Moodflow for Windows 10 is a lightweight SoundCloud-based application that behaves as a radio station you should have no difficulty interacting with. It provides you with track collections based on your mood, and also lets you track your listening experience, so it makes for a great way of discovering new music.