Moon Calendar! is a neat and elegant-looking moon calendar available on the App Store.

The moon and all of its cycles have always held a significant role in human history, either from n astrological or religious point of view.

The app is neatly designed, with a dark color palette that includes only black, dark shades of grey and the occasional violet that fits the overall nigh-vibe of the app.

Down to its very basics, the app is nothing more than a moon calendar, as it elegantly displays the yearly calendar, with illustrations of the various lunar phases in each day.

The most important lunar events of the month (the new moon and the full moon) are also captioned, so as not to be confused with their neighboring images.

If you're particularly interested in the lunar events as seen from certain regions, you can change your localization from within the app, and the calendar's tiles will be updated accordingly.

Finally, if you want to know precisely how to plan an event that depends on the moon phase, then you can also use this app to view the moonrise & moonset along with the sunrise, sunset and twilight times.

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