Today, podcasts are more popular than ever. Consuming content in this specific audio form is not only convenient, but the variety of topics attracts an even wider variety of devote listeners. In fact, it’s not unusual for someone to be subscribed to more than 20 podcasts, and there are certainly people who have more than 100 subscriptions.

Obviously, people want to find more and more content, and while there’s no lack, filtering it in accordance to one’s tastes and having it all in one place isn’t always and easy task. If you’re looking to curate your podcasts more efficiently, then you could try an application called Moon FM.

The program encourages you to search for new podcasts in its Discover tab, where you’re greeted by popular editor’s choices or shows that have topped the charts. If you already know these or are just not interested in them, you can always click Browse.

You’ll then be able to search through several categories and subcategories, including arts, food, business, comedy, language courses, gaming, politics, music, news and religion. Moon FM also allows you to listen to Internet radio shows from all over the world.

The program’s features are quite easy to use and find. You have the ability to subscribe to podcasts directly from the interface, via RSS links or OPML files. You can mark podcasts, specific episodes or radios as favorites, and you can also browse your listening history if you’re looking for something specific.

You can easily change the look of the interface by choosing between one of three color themes: Very White, Blue Black and Quite Black.  More importantly, you can play with sound frequencies by using the app’s own equalizer that comes with various presets and even allows you to adjust playback speed.

There’s no doubt that Moon FM can be a useful tool for those that wish to keep track of their favorite podcasts, but also discover new shows on a regular basis.