Moon Invoice is a lightweight and effective piece of business software created specifically for Windows 8.1 systems, its main function residing in offering you the means to build custom sales invoices from scratch and email them to your clients, in PDF format.

The application features a very clean and intuitive user interface, its main window displaying any previously built forms, allowing you to edit them or start a new one.

At the same time, you can add the ‘Company Info’, including a custom logo which will be integrated into every invoice you issue.

Before anything else, the program requires you to input your ‘Company Info’, such as name, email address, logo, phone number, currency, invoice title and various other bits of information, which you can then save and these will be used automatically every time.

In order to create an invoice, you can press on the corresponding button in the main window then begin filling in the details of the purchase, specifically the ‘Client Details’, (‘Organization’, ‘Main Contact’), ‘Address’ (primary and secondary), ‘Invoice Date’ and ‘Due Date’ and its number.

Consequently, you can enter the ‘Task’ or the ‘Product’ name for which you are billing your customer, adding the quantity and price, then selecting the appropriate tax type. The total is automatically generated and you can optionally apply a discount.

The ‘Terms and Conditions’ as well as the ‘Notes’ sections can be filled in by hand or by pasting the text from clipboard. Finally, you can preview the generated PDF, then opt between ‘Save and Send’ (via email) or just ‘Save’. However, a print function is not available.

To sum it up, Moon Invoice is a useful and very easy to handle utility that can successfully assist you in billing your customers for the acquired products or services, the entire process undergoing quite smoothly, even if you lack prior experience with such tools.