Audiophiles are well aware that back in the days when sampling technology was barely emerging, samplers didn’t pack enough power in order to achieve high-quality filtering and interpolation. However, the output sound from the analog-digital converters was grittier and darker, but at the same time punchier and warmer.

It is exactly these degrading effects on the sound quality (which had an undesired outcome from a technical stand point) that are regarded as an enhancing effect from an artistic perspective.

The current trends with digital samplers are those of accurate depiction of the input sound, but some might argue that this is the best approach. Arguments are that such approaches lack a specific instrument signature or even character.

In order to compensate for such issues, Morgana was released, with the aim in mind of offering users an alternative to new digital samplers. Representing a vintage digital sampler, it was constructed in order to be more interactive, musically speaking, than technically accurate.

Having as its main prerequisite a compatible VST host application, the plug-in will provide a simpler architecture which tries to surpass the limitations of most software samplers. In doing so, it strives to achieve an experience that can carry the characteristics of a real instrument, with a specific sound signature.

Featuring 8 voice digital sampling capabilities and two part multitimbrality, the plug-in offers an 8-bit sampling rate and two APDSR envelopes for the filtering and amplitude parameters. Furthermore, users will benefit from two sampling oscillators per voice and a non-destructive input modeling with antialias filtering, microphone preamplification and gain control.