An abundance of activities can be performed on a computer to ease work in different domains of activity. What’s more, some common tasks can even be automated to eliminate routine, and save some time. In this regard, Mouse Clicker wants to help you automate mouse movement, clicks, and even keyboard input.

The application only takes a little of your time with the setup process. However, you need to make sure that .NET Framework is also on the computer you want to use it on, even if it’s a default feature in modern Windows iterations.

There aren’t any preset configurations, so you need to invest some effort into creating tasks. This is easily done by enabling sequential clicks, and what action to perform. As such, you can only choose to move the mouse to a custom location on your screen, press the left mouse button one, double-click, or fill in a specific text field with a string you need to write down.

Other settings allow you to set a custom delay, and choose the amount of time to repeat the action when done. Once you finish configuring a profile it must be saved if you want to use it later on. This is because the application can only keep one profile active at a time, with the configuration file saved under its own format.

This means you need to load a different profile to launch an alternative action. On the other hand, the application can be set to automatically launch with Windows. What’s more, a specific profile can be armed as soon as the application launches, just to save some time.

All things considered, we can say that Mouse Clicker allows you to automate repetitive tasks which involve mouse input. However, configuring actions can prove to be quite the challenge, while different tasks need to be opened through the browse dialog, since they’re not enlisted for quick selection.