Mouse Clicker is a lightweight Windows tool designed to automatically send mouse clicks to any point on the screen.

The program’s GUI is the living proof that Mouse Clicker can be safely used by both beginners and those with a bit more computer knowledge, mostly thanks to the fact that its very intuitive options are all grouped in a single window.

Obviously, there are some configuration options to play with, all of which need to be checked before starting the clicking process.

Users are initially requested to set up the click count, which can be either a user-defined number of clicks or continuous clicks for a specific period of time.

As expected, Mouse Clicker lets you choose between left, right and middle options, with four actions supported: single clicks, double clicks, button up and button down.

The click area can be configured in two different ways: it can be either the location of the mouse cursor or a fixed point on the screen, in which case you are prompted to input the coordinates.

Mouse Clicker works flawlessly on all Windows versions and doesn’t affect system performance at all, not even when performing a scheduled task.

Overall, Mouse Clicker is a handy piece of software for all users who wish to schedule automated clicks with just a reasonable amount of configuration options. A help manual is also available, in case you need more information on a specific built-in feature.