MouseMaid is a useful tool which allows you to simulate the computer activity even if you are away from the desk. The application can come in handy whenever you need to prevent a program from automatically closing or the station to go to sleep due to user inactivity.

MouseMaid is lightweight, easily to use and does not require installation. All you need to do is open the application from its folder, then start the process. You may notice how certain objects on your desktop are selected, but not opened, since the cursor merely hovers over them.

The application can come in very handy if your Internet browser automatically closes due to inactivity or your computer goes to sleep or hibernation. If, for instance, you are waiting for a large file to download and you step away from the computer, in some cases the system detects traces of inactivity and automatically closes the application in order to save power.

You simply need to start MouseMaid, from the designated button and let it automatically simulate selection of different items on your desktop. You can close it by clicking on the Exit button or by pressing the S key on your keyboard, if you already started the simulation.

MouseMaid runs from your desktop and maintains your computer active while you are away from the desk. The application is simple, lightweight and can keep running on your computer without consuming resources.

MouseMaid can prevent your computer from going to sleep, as well as keeping certain applications from automatically closing. In case you are waiting for a large file to download, for example, MouseMaid can prevent the browser from closing and thus stopping the file transfer. It simulates mouse movements and computer activity.