Contain it, control it and be a winner! Never again will your ever increasing movie collection cause you concern. Moveo Movies Pro is the latest edition to our line of Windows Mobile Solutions now expanding to your desktop PC.

Building on the success of Moveo Movies this new title now features Moveo Data Vault, the desktop solution to work hand in hand with your mobile device. This catalogue database application is specifically designed for the power user.

Moveo Data Vault provides you with all the features found on your device in a desktop PC environment giving you the flexibility and required maintainability to keep your records in order in a professional way. Records can be entered and maintained both from your device and desktop with easy to use merging options to keep both databases up to date.

Images can be tied to each record to provide an easy to recognize visual reference As in our previous titles Moveo Movies Pro comes with an extensive array of informative fields, easy to use featuring colour coded screens, powerful searching facilities and reporting options.


■ 30 day trial