If your lifestyle is an active one and you engage in various sports activities such as running, cycling or hiking, you probably want to keep track of your workout sessions quickly and without efforts.

Move&Track is one of the applications that can help you accomplish that without significant efforts.

You can turn to this program if you want to track your sports activities, but only if they consist of running, hiking or cycling, as the app doesn't provide you with support for others ones.

It can provide you with useful information after you grant it access to your location such as altitude, speed, climb, average speed, runtime, distance covered, slope, descent, pace, average pace, maximum speed, maximum height, start time and end time.

Move&Track comes with a simplistic interface that shouldn't pose any trouble even for novices that are trying to understand its functions or operate them. The main window is where all the functions are displayed, but it has a bunch of additional features that can be accessed from the "More" menu.

For instance, you can upload previously saved statistics and export them to GPX format or Strava. The same menu also enables you to access the "Settings" section, where you can toggle "Imperial Units" or hide the height profile. After each workout, you will be prompted to save the data as a MAT file on your computer.

As this application can be used to track sports-related activities, such as running or cycling, it has little usability on computers, unless you want to take a hike or ride a bike while carrying your laptop.

The only way you can actually use this application is by uploading a MAT or XML file from your computer and analyze the recorded data in an efficient environment.

All things considered, Move&Track is a program that can help you track your sports activities and analyze previously recorded data with no efforts. It comes with a simple interface, provides you support for exporting GPX and Strava data and, unfortunately, on PC you can only use it to analyze previously recorded data.