Your data is never entirely safe, even if you are the only one who has access to it. You can accidentally delete your important files, or some unforeseen incidents might occur, such as theft, virus attacks and hardware failure. This is why backing up data to a remote storage is essential, as you can access it from any computer, anytime.

MozyHome is a handy software solution that provides you with simple means of automatically backing up your important files. You can select which files are backed up, then let the program automatically create restore points for your files while you are browsing your computer.

The application helps you protect your files from any incidents that might cause deletion or data loss, by backing them up on a remote online storage. This way, even if your computer malfunctions or suffers a severe virus attack, you are still able to recover important files.

Additionally, the backup process is automatically done at certain periods of time, which can easily be customized to better suit your needs.

MozyHome can help you backup information both online and on a disk drive connected to your computer. By doing so, you are able to create restore points both online and offline, and recover data either way.

Furthermore, each backup session is logged, helping you see which files have been saved at a certain period of time, or what is the latest version of a backed up file.

To sum it up, MozyHome offers you a convenient way of keeping your personal or important data safe, by regularly and automatically backing it up to your Mozy account. Users with slow Internet connections or old computers need to keep in mind when the automatic backups are scheduled, because they might slow the performance of the computer.