A computer can be used to accomplish quite a lot of things. One of them can be making music, and one of the first steps in this regard is to record sound. Windows comes with a small utility for this task, but it might not be fitted with all the features you need. Luckily, you can rely on specialized applications like MP3 Audio Recorder Professional to even schedule recording sessions.

On the visual side of things, the application stores all of its features in an organized interface. Although not fitted with any elements to make it stand out from the crowd, its simplicity allows even beginners to quickly get the hang of things. Functions are accessed from the upper toolbar, while other sections let you select recording source, output directory, and files you created in recent sessions.

A neat advantage is that you can grab sound from almost any dedicated device connected to your computer, including speaker audio. The source is easily selected at the press of a button, with corresponding sliders to set sensitivity. Output is also neat, with options to save files either as MP3 or WAV, with additional options to manage quality.

Moreover, MP3 Audio Recorder Professional comes with a built-in file editor that can be accessed even without any recorder audio. It shows wave representation of the audio file on two channels, but the set of management options is a bit poor, with no effects to add, or anything else except the possibility to cut, add new parts, and save custom sections to file.

In case you’re not around to capture a specific sound of interest, a radio show for instance, you might want to know the application lets you benefit from a scheduler. Multiple tasks can be created, each with its own name. It can’t be set to trigger according to sound, but it’s possible to make it recurrent, one time only, and of custom length.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that MP3 Audio Recorder Professional manages to live up to expectations, providing a powerful set of tools with which to grab sound from various sources. Editing leaves more to be desired, with no effects or enhancement options. There’s also a scheduler you can use to start recording sessions in your absence.