MP3 Recorder Studio is a reliable software that enables you to record sounds from a multitude of sources on your computer. Thus, the software is capable of recording sounds produced by the software, music, dialogues and other noises coming from media players or outside input, captured with the help of the microphone.

MP3 Recorder Studio can easily produce a high quality audio recording, in which it can capture all the sounds you hear from the computer. Not only can it detect noises produced by the computer, but also music, dialogues, reciting from playing songs, movies or audio books. Games’ sounds are also supported and online calls as well.

Aside from any output sound, MP3 Recorder Studio can capture input noises as well. Using an input device, such as a microphone, the software can record any sounds from the environment, like voices or other noises. All you need to do is click the Record button and the software can start capturing sounds. The output formats for the resulting files include MP3 and WAV, with customizable sampling rate, bitrate and channel mode.

MP3 Recorder Studio features an audio splitting function, which allows it to automatically cut the audio files while recording, thus creating several files. The splitting can be done by duration or by silence. Thus, whenever it detects silence, the recording can stop, then automatically start again when noise occurs.

You may set the maximum duration of accepted silence; in other words, pause the recording when the silence persists for over a number of seconds. Moreover, the silence threshold is also customizable and detects the level below which silence occurs. You may also set hotkeys and create shortcuts for important functions of the software.

MP3 Recorder Studio is a reliable application that is capable of capturing sounds coming from the computer or from the environment. The software can apply a smart recording mode, in order to avoid silent parts in the output file. You may record sounds from a large variety of sources, such as media players, microphones or games.