Mp3 Ripper is a freeware Windows tool developed to rip audio CD tracks to WAV, MP3, WMA and OGG.

Just one minute should be enough to figure out which feature is which, mostly thanks to the impressively intuitive GUI design.

The main window is the one that takes care of everything, showing the disc content, along with track title, type, start, duration status and destination.

A built-in audio player is obviously available to let you listen to the selected tracks, and so is a dedicated option to choose the drive you wish to use.

Obviously, more options are hiding in the other menus of the apps, so you can also edit CD info and input album, artist, genre and year information. Furthermore, Mp3 Ripper comes with FreeDB support to automatically retrieve song and album info from online servers.

The good thing is that Mp3 Ripper doesn't generate a temporary file, which means that it doesn't take more space on your system during the ripping process. It works smoothly on all Windows versions and we didn't experience any significant slowdown during our testing.

Mp3 Ripper can work with basically all types of CD and DVD drives, regardless if we're talking about IDE, SCSI or USB. Furthermore, multisession discs are supported too, with all events to be logged in a separate screen in order to let you easily diagnose any error that may occur.

Overall, Mp3 Ripper is one of the effective and fast ripping solutions out there, offering not only a very straightforward approach, but also a freeware license. It doesn't require advanced computer knowledge and works like a breeze on all Windows iterations out there.