Having a music collection that include thousands of tracks is not something out of the ordinary, yet it is not always an easy task to manage all songs efficiently, and also to make sure that each of them is saved with the correct details attached.

Users can take advantage of various apps to ensure that all tracks in a collection are saved correctly and that they can be used without issues, and MP3 Wav Editor is one of these tools.

With the help of this utility, users can easily play any of the songs saved on their drives, by creating playlists or by adding all of them to the play queue.

While playing each track, the application displays info on it, including details on file name and size, as well as the song's title, artist, genre, and album.

The program comes with support for MP3 and Wave file formats, and also provides users with the possibility to convert files from one format to the other.

Provided that the details attached to a track are not accurate, users can edit them with the simple click of a button. The feature allows them to change the track's name, artist and album, while also offering the possibility to add comments to it.

MP3 Wav Editor can be used to split a song into smaller tracks, while also including a file joiner, so that users could create longer tracks by merging multiple songs into a single one.

The software comes with CD ripping capabilities, which allows users to easily save songs from a disc to a desired folder on their drives, thus making sure that they can access the music at all times.

All in all, MP3 Wav Editor can easily prove an appealing option for playing tracks and editing info on them, ensuring easier management capabilities for all users, although there are also tools that offer similar functionality for free. The app is snappy and easy-to-use, and also allows users to rip CDs and save music on their PCs.