MP3 Workshop XP is an application that can help users to easily play MP3 files saved on their computers, or to edit them.

The software comes with a simple, easy-to-use interface, allowing users to create playlists to listen to their songs in almost no time. However, users should keep in mind the fact that the app needs ASPI drivers in order to function properly.

The tool displays info on each song, but is also allows users to easily edit these details to correct errors or to add their own set of comments to tracks.

With the help of this application, users can also convert songs from MP3 to Wave, and they can customize the settings of the output files to better suit their needs.

The software allows users to easily cut MP3 tracks into shorter songs, while also providing them with the possibility to merge multiple MP3's into a single one.

The application comes with a built-in CD ripper, allowing users to save their music to their PCs, for easier access. Additionally, the software includes a CD burner, so that users could easily create audio discs.

The application is quite snappy, being able to create playlists, play songs and edit details on their songs in almost no time. However, one major drawback is the fact that there are free tools that offer similar functionality.

One other thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that some of the utility's features don't appear to be very stable. The program crashed a few times during our testing, and we were unable to access some of its functions due to that.

All in all, MP3 Workshop XP is a simple, easy-to-use application for MP3 playback and editing, though some of its functionality can be enjoyed for free in other similar utilities out there. Although not all of its functions work properly at all times, the app feels snappy.