There was a time when only professionals were able to accurately remove specific fragments from a song, since this process required a lot of skills. Nowadays, specialized knowledge is no longer needed since there are a lot of applications that make audio editing a breeze - for example, those looking to quickly cut their MP3 files can try mp3cutter.

This software solution runs smoothly, as long as .NET Framework 4.0 has already already been installed onto the host computer (if it is not detected during installation, it will be automatically installed as well).

The graphic user interface of mp3cutter is highly intuitive, as you simply need to select the MP3 file you want to modify (you will have to manually browse to the location of the file, since you cannot rely on drag and drop for this task).

Once the source track has been loaded, you will be able play it, while also previewing it as a waveform, at the same time. Moreover, mp3cutter also displays the total length of the currently open file, so you can accurately decide how much of it you want to remove.

Using your mouse, you can mark the song fragment that you want to trim or cut, and afterwards listen to the track again, just to make sure the result meets your expectations. Additionally, you can also fade in or out your audio track, then export it to a chosen folder as MP3.

All in all, mp3cutter can come in quite handy to all those who want to effortlessly remove a certain part of their MP3 track, while also getting the chance to play the file once the job has been completed. If you are pleased with the feature-set of the app, you can purchase a license and unlock all its functions.