Mp3Doctor Pro is a music editor that comprises multiple features to modify and improve the overall quality of the audio files stored on your computer, while trying to keep things simple and easy for all users.

The application relies on a pleasant and clean interface, with intuitive features that may very well be aimed at beginners and professionals alike.

Unfortunately however, in case novice users are having a bad time trying to get used to the app, there is absolutely no help menu to lend them a hand in this regard.

The main ways to improve an MP3 file are nicely organized in tabs at the bottom of the main window, so you can either play a little bit with general settings, such as normalizing and trimming, change tempo and pitch, or turn to the advanced equalizer that also comes with multiple presets.

If you wish to resample the file and change bitrate or sample rate, you can always do that from the second tab, while the third one gives you the option to encode or decode the file.

The 'General Settings' menu allows you to choose whether to keep the original parameters for all files, or apply some user defined settings every time you edit an MP3.

On the other hand, there's also a 'Trim options' menu that comprises settings regarding threshold, fadeout size in seconds, percent and ending silence threshold.

What we liked the most about Mp3Doctor Pro was definitely the interface and the nice lineup of features. This is why, the conclusion is that the software has indeed something to offer and it addresses both less experienced and advanced users.