Mp3nity is a software solution designed to manage the tags of the music files in a professional way. It bundles a huge backpack of features that can help users to clean up their music library and get rid of all the unknown tracks.

Although Mp3nity is a fully-featured tool, it sports an intuitive interface that can be handled by beginners and experts alike. It supports the following formats: MP3 (id3v1/id3v2), WMA, WMV, ASF, OGG, FLAC, AAC, MP4, MP4A, MP4V, MP4B, MPC and APE.

The app allows mass tag editing, mass renaming, tag and filename parsing, lyrics finding, and getting album information from the web. It supports batch processing which means you can add multiple tracks and handle them simultaneously.

Renaming presets are available by default but you can also rename items according with your preferences because the app features an advanced expression editor with syntax highlighting and instant preview.

You can manually edit the information about the songs (e.g. title, artist, genre, album, and year) or you can automatically get tags from the web. Moreover, editing additional information such as copyright, recoding time, duration and other is also possible. It automatically downloads lyrics, artwork and allows you to search on the Internet for any further information about the songs.

Mp3nity has an integrated audio file converter that can help you convert any audio format to MP3, WMA or WAV while keeping the original tag info.

It also features a CD ripper for copying the audio CDs to your player with the right tag information and a built-in audio player enhanced with standard features. It’s possible to export customizable lists and tables in HTML or plain text, including general information about the audio files (e.g. titles and artists, file sizes, and more).

With just one click, you can add some new tag commands or preset options in macros so you don’t have to repeat the same actions all over again.

Last but not least, the program comes packed with an auto-saving feature that makes sure all your edits are saved.

Overall, Mp3nity is a very useful application that can help you edit music file tags on the go. We strongly recommend it as it packs many advanced features and smart tools for making the entire process easier and faster.