mp3Tag Pro is a comprehensive and useful piece of software that comes in handy for users who need to edit tags and manage multiple audio files within seconds.

It helps you to organize your audios the way you want and since all these tags are stored inside music files, they can not be lost when the files are moved from a partition to another or backed up.

The left panel of the application enables you to browse your computer and navigate to the folders you want. After that, all the audio files will be immediately listed in the center of the program, allowing you to quickly edit the artist, the URL address or the track number, to name a few.

Although the program’s name might suggest that it works only with MP3 audio files, mp3Tag Pro supports quite a lot of audio formats including WMA, AAC, MP4, FLAC, WV and WAV formats as well. Irrespective of the audio format you choose to work with, the application keeps the tag processing the same so you can obtain the best results out of your files.

What’s more, mp3Tag Pro enables you to download missing tags from the Internet, import tags from a text files stored into your computer, as well as export playlists. This way, you can easily manipulate your audio files the way you want.

Another feature that the application comes with is that it enables you to generate tags automatically. Under the ‘ID3 tags’ label, you can find the ‘Generate tags’ button that opens a new window. After configuring the options according to your needs, you can easily generate tags for multiple audio files.

Moreover, you can download lyrics and cover images for the selected song effortlessly by using the proper buttons listed on the upper part of the application.

Considering all of the above, mp3Tag Pro is both adjustable and intuitive and comes in handy for users who need to rename audio files, manage them and organize music collections with ease.