Geared toward all user levels, MPEG Encoder is a straightforward piece of software that enables you to convert video files to MPEG format. When it comes to the input file types, ASF, AVI, MPG and WMV are supported.

Setting it up is a fast and easy task. It's packed in a simple interface made from a single window with two dialog boxes which show the full path of the input and output file, respectively.

After pointing out the video file you want to convert, you can specify the output directory and file name.

Right before proceeding with the encoding operation, MPEG Encoder gives you the possibility to tinker with audio and video properties regarding the audio channel mode and bit rate, together with the video frame rate, bit rate, width and height, and MPEG version (MPEG1 or MPEG2).

Alternatively, you can settle for one of the 22 preset profiles available, such as VCD NTSC with 29.97 frames per second, constant bit rate and 350x240 resolution. VCD, SVCD and DVD are supported, as well as both PAL and NTSC TV system types. Aside from the fact that you can change the main window color, there are no other notable options provided by this tool.

The application took a long time to convert short video clips in our tests, during which it used high CPU and low-to-moderate memory. It didn't show error dialogs, freeze or crash, though, while the output clips had a decent audio and video quality. On the other hand, it supports few video formats for the input.

To sum it up, MPEG Encoder is a pretty old and expensive video conversion utility with little to offer when comparing it to other similar programs out there.

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