MS Word Extract Data and Text from Multiple Word Documents is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you extract text data from multiple Microsoft Word documents. The utility works with DOC and DOCX file format.

The design does not look particularly intuitive so you may need to invest some extra time in the configuration process in order to understand how the program works.

A help manual cannot be found in the package, only some succinct instructions are revealed in a dedicated panel. You may also check out tooltips for viewing additional details about some functions. Tooltips are displayed when you hover your mouse cursor over a specific parameter.

You may create a list with the Word documents that you want to process. Files can be imported in the workspace using only the built-in browse button (the drag-and-drop support is not available).

What’s more, you are allowed to add the content of an entire folder and apply file masks, process subfolders, delete the selected items or clear the entire list with a single click, as well as specify a default Word password in case the documents are encrypted.

MS Word Extract Data and Text from Multiple Word Documents gives you the possibility to include or exclude lines with user-defined words, extract data that occurs on certain line numbers, as well as process the information that is comprised between a start and ending text message.

Other important configuration settings worth being mentioned enable you to set a word separator for the input text, add a line separator for results, make all text comparisons case sensitive, output all results to one file, as well as configure the output file format.

All in all, MS Word Extract Data and Text from Multiple Word Documents comes packed with several handy features for helping you easily extract data from several MS Word documents. The GUI needs a few refinements here and there in order to look more intuitive.