Team communication is essential in order to be able to handle a business and the activities it implies. This can be achieved both interpersonal and with the help of software tools, that can back up business teams by providing a sturdy environment for one such group to manage their files and data.

MSD Tasks Multiuser specializes on this. It allows you to create a server that acts as a database, containing all the information of a business. Each member of a team can then connect to the server using their login information, then perform various activities and tasks based on it.

The application allows you to manage a database server, to which an entire group of users can connect using their login credentials and modify the information contained. This helps them collaborate based on the common information they share, and conveniently modify it.

Although the program is designed to share information, it also gives you a degree of privacy and control over your account and data. Using the server administration tool, you can grant various levels of access to each user. This level usually depends on the position of a certain user in the group.

MSD Tasks Multiuser can easily help you associate information with ease, as each task can be linked with a customer and project.

Furthermore, you can always add new group members to a team and grant them access to the information shared on the server.

To sum it up, MSD Tasks Multiuser provides you with a stable environment for sharing information amongst a certain group, with the help of a server that contains all the data that needs to be handled by each user.