mSecure is a comprehensive utility that facilitates a password-protected database for storing important information in a safe environment, such as accounts and credit card details.

At startup, you have to enter the master password required every time you want to launch the tool, as well as to encrypt and restore imported data.

As far as the interface is concerned, mSecure adopts a large window with a simple design and neatly structured layout, where you can add new items to the list by specifying the group (e.g. business, personal)and type (e.g. calling cards, birthdays).

You can also set a description, custom fields and notes, as well as add the item to the favorites list for quick access. The groups and categories can be managed by renaming, deleting or creating new ones.

Once you've filled the database with numerous items, you can filter them by group or type, conduct searches across the entire database, print information, lock the application, synchronize data with Dropbox or a shared file, as well as back up and restore the database.

Information can be exported to CSV format and imported from CSV, SplashID VID, Dataviz Passwords Plus CSV, Handy Safe Pro 1.2 XML, KeePass XML (2.0), TurboPassword CSV Export File (3.0). It's possible to change the master password, customize fonts, hide the detail view, unmask sensitive data, view favorites, or remove all filters.

Furthermore, you can auto-lock the tool on inactivity, switch to a different UI language, auto-copy usernanames and passwords on URL launches, or auto-backup the database. Keyboard shortcuts are supported, while help documentation is available.

In conclusion, mSecure comes packed with resourceful and approachable options for keeping your important information secure. CPU and RAM usage was minimal in our tests.