You don’t necessarily have to use your web browser to check your emails, with a large variety of desktop clients which let you connect to multiple email services. If you switched in the meantime, there are specialized applications like MSG 2 PST that can convert email messages and inserted directly into your current account.

In order for the application to function it’s best to first make sure that .NET Framework is installed, even though it’s a default feature in modern Windows iterations. Apart from this, you also need a configured email client hooked up to your Outlook account for exporting to be possible, since converted items are directly injected.

The visual design is minimalistic, allowing individuals of all levels of experience to quickly get the hang of things. A large area is used to display the log of events which updates in real time, and additional controls require incredibly little effort on your behalf.

You can set the application to look for existing messages under three different formats, namely MSG, EML, and TXT. A source also needs to be specified, with subdirectories automatically included in the scan process. Output is bundled inside the default email client you use under the form of PST files, with the possibility to manually locate the program if automatic detection fails.

Conversion doesn’t usually take a lot of time, but the process mostly depends on the amount of files to process. All selected formats are processed at once, with existing structure of directories kept intact when importing. For faster access a hotkey can be assigned to the application’s shortcut.

All things considered, we can state that MSG 2 PST is a practical program with which to find old email messages, convert, and integrate them into the current Outlook client. Setup is clean and fast, while the set of features makes file selection, and source a walk in the park for individuals of all levels of experience, while entire effort is narrowed down to pressing a few buttons.