If you have a stack of MSG emails and need to see their contents but installing the Outlook client is not an option, MSG File Reader can make it easy and achievable. The tool lets you view MSG files along with their attachments directly from the app, no Outlook required.

Toss in your MSG folders and notice how the left part of the UI is getting populated by all the sub-folders. Upon selecting a directory by clicking on it, the preview panel will display all the messages, properly formatted, with no deviations or other tweaks. By selecting a message, the lower panel will open the email and give access to the contents.

The attachments are also noticeable, and all detail like the subject sent/received data and size are going to be kept.

MSG files reader provides two perspectives when it comes to reading style. The standard one is the horizontal view, where the contents are displayed under the email list. If you want to change it to vertical, lower pane will move to the right, resulting in a vertical view. This feature is useful for users that are feeling familiar with a specific view mode and want to keep it for most of their apps.

The tool sport an "Advanced Search" feature which lets you search for a specific email. This feature ensures you are not losing unnecessary time by manually skating through a large base of emails.

In conclusion, MSG File Reader is a smart app that provides a direct connection between your MSG archives and its interface. Just load the folders in and the app will display all emails along with their contents, attachments, and detail in a familiar manner. No technical skill required in order to operate the tool successfully.