MSSQLServerAuditor is an easy to use and reliable piece of software developed to work as a means of analyzing the running of Microsoft SQL Servers and providing you with information about their functioning.

Following an uneventful installation process, you can launch the application and connect to your server, from the 'File' menu, by clicking on the 'New Connection (Direct)' option.

You will then be required to input the 'Server Information', namely the 'Data Source', referring to the Microsoft SQL Server and the 'Server Name'. Additionally, you can opt for 'Windows Authentication' or 'SQL Server Authentication', the latter being more likely to encounter some connectivity issues due to previously set permissions and other similar reasons.

Moreover, you can select the preferred template between 'Basic', 'DMV' and 'Group', then press the 'OK' button and allow MSSQLServerAuditor the time to perform the proper connections in order to display the server contents. This can take a few seconds, if not minutes, after which you will need to right-click and choose the 'Update Node' option from the context menu in order for the tool to recognize the server.

MSSQLServerAuditor will display the information in a tree view mode, enabling you to quickly locate the section that interests you. Additionally, it features two-dimensional graphs as a visual representation of the server's functioning which can help you determine if there are any errors which you need to deal with.

Based on the provided data, you can take the proper actions and fix the problems. An important feature of MSSQLServerAuditor is the fact that it tries to reduce the influence it has on your server to a minimum, so no permanent database objects are created during the inspection.

To summarize, MSSQLServerAuditor can prove to be a useful and efficient program that can successfully assist you in determining the cause of various server errors, with little to no effort from you.