More often than not, if you need quick access to an app or file, you tend to place it on the desktop. While the approach is viable when it comes to a couple of files or programs, you are likely to end up with a cluttered desktop in time which creates more confusion, rather than help you keep things organized.

MSTech Easy Desktop Organizer is a tool designed to help you create quick access to files, folders and apps, while maintaining a clean desktop at the same time.

The program does not come with an interface per se and you can access it from the System Tray following the launch. Since the tool employs EDO windows to keep things clean, you can replace dozens of shortcuts with just a few ones where you can organize the files you access often in categories.

It is worth mentioning that there is no limit regarding the number of assets you can include within an EDO window. Moreover, you do not have to keep them all on the desktop and you can hide the ones you use less frequently. You can use the built-in search of Windows to find them whenever necessary,

In case you decide to keep them on the desktop, then you can design them with different colors for an enhanced convenience. You can change the color using the advanced color picker and can even match the tones with your current background or wallpaper.

Another nice feature the program includes is the wallpaper organizer, an option that grants you access to dozens high resolution backgrounds. If it does not match your display perfectly, then you can easily adjust the images to match the resolution.

All in all, MSTech Easy Desktop Organizer is an easy to use utility designed for anyone who wants a clean desktop, but without you having to give up on the convenience of quick accessing files, folders and applications.