In the eventuality that you have the feeling that the track you are working on does not sound right, but you cannot put your finger on, then there is a fair chance that you are experiencing phase cancellation.

Phase cancellation is a phenomenon that is responsible for making certain frequencies disappear from your mix. Generally speaking, phase cancellation can become a serious problem mostly in cases when you are using more than one channel for recording a single source.

You should know that this distortion is common for stereo recording and especially when you are practicing with the guitar, drums or when using a DI combo for the bass. A further common situation when this phenomenon is likely to occur is when you are converting tracks from mono to stereo.

MStereoExpander is a plugin for VST that enables you to make field corrections that increase or decrease the spatial difference between channels. In other words, the plugin is capable of correcting the audio distortions that might appear when converting to stereo.

The plugin includes a random preset function that generates smart settings to address this issue that rely on the presets available. While normal randomization may work in some situations, the truth is that it never provides satisfactory results.

Even though it relies on presets and comes with randomization, MStereoExpander enables you to define the depth, resonance, delay, delay depth as well as the low and high pass frequency. Lastly, the addin includes a limiter button which you can use to make sure you do not exceeds peaks of over 0dB and hence, avoid damaging your equipment and hearing.