Ever wanted to create a server for streaming services for you and your friends, but you've been put off by the sheer difficulty of such as task? If so, read on because this might just be exactly what you were looking for all along.

Dubbed mStream Express, this passion-fueled application is the result of a stubbornly-imposed challenge of creating a music server which could be got up and running in under a minute.

Safe to say, the developer actually pulled it off, as we're sure you will agree if you decide to give mStream Express a quick try-out. So, we have a smooth-running and modern-looking, Electron-based and NodeJs-written application that allows everyone to access music via a RESTful web UI.

That said, just run the app's automated installer, launch its main GUI, choose the music directory and the port number, enter a username and a password (used for logging in with the web client) and hit the "Boot Server" button from the lower part.

It should not take too many seconds until you will be presented with a direct link to your server. It almost goes without saying that you need to input the previously-chosen username and password in order to log in. Other than that, it should be all smooth sailing from here onwards, as the web client follows the same design pattern as its server counterpart, with the same philosophy of simplicity.

And it's quite versatile, as well. It allows you to stream your music in browsers of the likes of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and even Safari, with a small mention that web clients for mobile devices are currently in the works. Other noteworthy features include the fact that you can save playlists, download then, and even instantly share them with others. There's also the option to choose their expiration date.

There you have it, mStream Express - a cross-platform (also works on macOS and Linux), modern, and very novice-accessible app that allows you to create a music server in under a minute without anything more than a couple of mouse clicks.