The fastest way to get online is through a web browser. Every device capable of connecting to the Internet is equipped with a web browser, as well as your operating system. Since there are several such apps that have managed to make a name for themselves throughout the years, it's now only a matter of taste when it comes to picking the one you want to use. However, lesser known browsers shouldn't be neglected, as they too can help you smoothly visit your favorite pages, which is also the case with Multi-Browser XP.

The application wants to prove it means business right from the start. Although the visual design is pretty simple, the way buttons and other elements are arranged makes it pretty intuitive. What's more, there are even a few themes you can choose from to make it blend in with your desktop. You can also position working windows around and save layouts for later use.

At a first look, the application seems to be equipped with all it needs to be a suitable alternatives for the popular ones. You can easily go to multiple pages and keep all of them running, thanks to implemented support for multiple tabs.

On the other hand, the application lets you view pages in separate windows you can then position according to viewing comfort, and save multiple layouts. Furthermore, there's an implemented search field to quickly look up words of interest. It can be configured to search on an abundance and diverse palette of popular engines and specialized websites.

Moreover, you can bring up a side panel equipped with several libraries you can manage. Both online and offline activities can be performed, with options to explore the content of your hard disk drive if you want to quickly upload documents or share pictures, view history items, and even save and organize pages of interest or you frequently visit.

All things considered, we can safely state that Multi-Browser XP is a powerful web browser that deserves a try in case you're looking for an alternative to conventional ones. With a single mouse click, you can even make it your default one, while the set of features put at your disposal making sure you have an enhanced web surfing experience.