Multi EMail Notifier is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help you monitor multiple email accounts and receive notifications upon new messages. It is able to monitor AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, as well as custom IMAP and POP3 accounts.

The tool sports a clean and intuitive working environment. There’s support for a help manual in case you want to find out more about the program’s features. Plus, you can watch video tutorials in order to learn how to add an email account.

The ribbon-like GUI makes it easier for you to set up accounts, manage connections, as well as access a set of tools dedicated to helping you view summaries and errors logs, back up data and configure several options.

Multi EMail Notifier gives you the possibility to set up a new account with the aid of a wizard which offers you step-by-step assistance throughout the entire configuration process.

You need to enter your email address, specify a name for the email account so you can quickly recognize it in the list, pick the email account that you want to create (e.g. AOL, Gmail, Yahoo!), and configure authentication parameters (email address and password). For secure reasons, the application stores your password in an encrypted form and uses the AES-256 algorithm.

At the end of the setup wizard, you can view all your configured accounts in the main window, along with information about each one, such as name, email address, creation date, and last checked time.

The tool is able to reveal the latest ten emails in your inbox and display details about the sender, subject and date. Accounts can be edited, deleted or manually checked for new emails.

You may acccess your inbox via your default email client, clear all messages displayed in the main window (this action has no effect upon the emails stored in your server), as well as test the connection to identify possible errors.

Multi EMail Notifier lets you view a summary with the total number of accounts and unread emails, check out the error log, verify all accounts with a single click, and back up data so you can easily restore it in the future.

The email manager helps you enable or disable accounts, and you can make the utility automatically check for new mail at a custom time interval (in minutes).

Multi EMail Notifier allows you to run the program at Windows startup, play sound notifications (you may add a user-defined WAV file from your computer) and show popups upon receiving a new mail, and automatically close the notification window.

Last but not least, you may set up a master password, automatically check all email accounts at startup, and show warning when an account is getting errors.

All in all, Multi EMail Notifier mixes up a smart feature pack with an intuitive GUI for helping you automatically look for new emails using sound and popup alerts, and is suitable for rookies and professionals alike.