Multi-Memory Calculator is a small Windows calculator that allows you to perform basic mathematical operations. Aside from math functions, it offers support for a special memory feature which helps you store up to five results directly in the program’s interface.

In order to run the tool correctly and avoid all sorts of errors, you need to have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 deployed on your computer.

The graphical user interface looks straightforward. The program adopts the same layout implemented by similar Windows calculators and adds special buttons for controlling the memory results.

Multi-Memory Calculator offers you the possibility to add the current number to the memory, store the number in the memory, delete it, as well as recall it from memory. Memory numbers can be accessed via the integrated buttons or keyboard.

You are given the freedom to calculate the distance using the Pythagoras’ Theorem, and circumference and area of a circle. Plus, you can generate a random number between one and the value shown on the display, and make basic math calculations on the breeze, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

All things considered, Multi-Memory Calculator delivers a simple and convenient way for keeping track of multiple results while carrying out math calculations. The basic pack of features makes it ideal especially for less experienced users. On the downside, the application has not been updated for a while, so you may bump into compatibility issues on newer operating systems like Windows 8. We have tested it on Windows 8.1 Pro and noticed that not all of the buttons integrated in the calculator work properly.