As its name makes it quite apparent, Multi Share Calculator is a piece of software whose purpose is to help users to share anything from random numbers to paycheck values proportionally.

The first thing users should know is the fact that Multi Share Calculator is a portable application, which means that the computer’s Windows registry won’t be changed, and, of course, that no installation is required in order to run this app. What’s more, since the app has a fairly small size, it can be loaded to any flash drive or even transferred easily via email wherever users have need of it.

The application has been designed to be used by even the most novice of users, hence, it’s GUI is nothing short of minimalist. The main window of the app encompasses a typical menu bar (with File, Help, and Activate menus), a sort of toolbar that allows users to add the value to be shared value, and the float point precision. The lower part of the main window is the place where users can add new rows, modify, delete, or clear already existing ones, and, most importantly, calculate the shared sum.

It’s worth noting that, by default, the float point precision is set to 0.6. The higher the value, the more accuracy the calculations will have, but this will make the application a bit slower. The maximum recommended value is of 0.15.

Working with the app is not that difficult. In order to modify a row, users simply have to double click the row in question, or select a row and click the modify button. Users are also provided with the option of adding notes and ranks to each of the entries. Adding rows is just as simple: users need to use the x 1 value for one row, x 2 for two, and so forth. The application also boasts a neatly-documented user manual (online), readily accessible by pressing the “Help” button from the menu bar.

All in all, Multi Share Calculator is a non-impressive, yet very practical application that does its job rather well. It allows anyone to calculate the exact share based on a variety of factors in a quick and efficient manner.